Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Doll Man for Super-Five

Doll Man

Vocation Trait (5)
I am a research chemist.

Hobby Trait (2)
I love comics and collect action figures!

Attack Trait (4)
I may be small, but I retain my full size strength and power for a compact super-sock!

Defense Trait (6)*
It's hard to hit someone when you can't see them coming, and at only 6 inches tall, I can sneak up on the best of 'em!

Mobility Trait (D)
Everyone thinks that the model plane on display in my study is just another part of my action figure collection. No one suspects that it's the real Dollplane!

Charge Trait (3)
My wife Martha knows the secret of my heroic double life. She even made me this awesome costume!

 * Denotes Trait Specialization

Art by Jay Piscopo - lots of great golden age characters in his gallery!


Super-Five Rules
More Super-Five Character Examples

I am a big fan of the characters from the Golden Age and Doll Man is a favorite.



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