Thursday, February 06, 2014

The Wonder Twins for Super-Five


Vocation Trait (2)
Jayna and I attend high-school at Gotham City High. We are trying hard to fit in to earth culture, but it's difficult.

Hobby Trait (4)
Before coming to earth, Jayna and I were performers in an alien space circus where we learned all about acrobatics, and working a crowd.

Attack Trait (5)
My Wonder Twin power to transform into anything related to the element of water in any of its forms allows me to become a deadly tsunami or the "Form of a Trigillian Ice Giant!"

Defense Trait (6)*
"Form of fog." Let's see you punch me now!

Mobility Trait (D)
Gleek has a bucket that Jayna can carry my water form in while she's the "Shape of an eagle!" Hmmm ... I guess mobility is not my thing.

Charge Trait (3)
I love my pet space monkey Gleek. I got him while working at the Space Circus. Jan and I have to touch to activate our transformation powers, but Gleek is so special that he can act as a conduit allowing us to activate our powers if we are both touching him!


Vocation Trait (D)
Zan has an easier time in high-school than me. I don't think it's unfair to say that girls are much harder to get along with than boys!

Hobby Trait (3)
Before coming to earth, Zan and I were performers in an alien space circus where we learned all about acrobatics, and working a crowd.

Attack Trait (6)*
My Wonder Twin power to transform into any living animal or beast includes creatures you might consider the things of myth like a unicorn or Pegasus. I even beat Superman once by becoming a Kryptonian Tanthou Flez ("Winged One").

Defense Trait (2)
Transforming into big tough creatures usually means that my best Defense is my amazing offense.

Mobility Trait (5)
Animals have incredible versatility when moving from place to place. I can take the "Shape of an eagle." and fly where I need to go, or even the "Shape of a Giant Space Turtle!" to travel among the stars.

Charge Trait (4)
I really am my brother Zan's keeper. If it weren't for me he'd get in so much trouble. "Form of a bucket of water..." seriously, Zan?

 * Denotes Trait Specialization

This time it's the Wonder Twins by request of my friend Keiko. I will do Wonder Woman and Aquaman to finish out the Super Friends soon. I also have a request for Black Canary and more of the Arrow cast.

If you don't know what this is about, get the Five by Five Fast Play and Super-Five Fast Play rules below!

Five by Five Fast Play
Super-Five Fast Play
Fast Play Character Sheet

Art this time is by Christina Marie Lacey of Deviant Art. Be sure to check out her stuff!




  1. Thanks!

    Very cool, but the backstory you give is from Superfriends, which was horendous! I'm much more interested in their reboot so to speak. In Superfriends they were dorky screw ups with a dumb monkey. However they have made other appearances after superfriends ended. Namely in Smallville and in DC comics Extreme Justice.

    The Wonder Twins were re-introduced there as escaped slaves who fled to Earth and were rescued by the Justice League. They were of royal blood from the planet Exxor and one of 10 pairs of twins known as the “Ten Elements of the Universe”. The other Elements have power over fire, plants, sound, metal, etc. In this incarnation, instead of turning into boring things like a bucket of water or a seal, the comic book Wonder Twins turned into things like front giants, tidal waves, griffins and dragons. So much cooler!

    These guys have so much potential and I just dont know why they are not explored more!

  2. Yep, this is Super Friends Wonder Twins! To be honest, I don't really know the version of the Wonder Twins that you mention. But, you should have enough example characters here to give you a feel for how the character creation is done in Super Five. Why not stat them out yourself? If you stat them and write their sentence traits, I will put that together with pics here and post it on the blog. Deal?


  3. That sounds like a deal! I have lots of updated artwork on them as well! Maybe we should do a super five 1shot? LOL.. hmm that would be hard, can you play two characters?

  4. I have been making some plans to run Super-Five. I would be up for a one-shot. It wouldn't necessarily have to be part of the regular Tuesday night thing. Maybe I could get Larry to come over to play Super-Five with us. Haven't seen him in awhile. You could partner up with someone for the Wonder Twins, or you could play them both. I don't see why that would be a problem.