Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Marvel's Agents of SHIELD for Super Five (Part 1)

Phil Coulson

Vocation Trait (6)*
I am a lead agent in the Strategic Homeland Intervention Enforcement and Logistics Division (S.H.I.E.L.D.) I have my own team dedicated to investigating all the "remarkable" things that have been impacting our world following the battle of New York.

Hobby Trait (3)
I'm a collector of antiques, especially things associated with covert military organizations. This includes things like a working wrist radio communicator from the 40's and anything to do with Captain America.

Attack Trait (4)
I am no Agent May, but I have SHIELD training in unarmed combat and firearms and I consider myself above average.

Defense Trait (D)
I died once. Makes a man feel a little invincible.

Mobility Trait (5)
Well, there's "Lola" a modified 1962 Chevrolet Corvette. She can fly. And then there's the "Bus" a modified Boeing C-17 Globemaster III military transport aircraft that serves as my mobile headquarters. Yeah, I can pretty much go anywhere.

Charge Trait (2)
I brought Skye on board. I feel especially responsible for her. She feels like the daughter I can never have.


Vocation Trait (6)*
They call me a hacktivist. I hack computers. I am crazy good at it.

Hobby Trait (D)
I am trying to become a real SHIELD agent, but all this spy stuff is like super hard.

Attack Trait (3)
Still learning, but I should be able to hold my own soon.

Defense Trait (4)
For me the best defense is to talk my way out of trouble.

Mobility Trait (2)
I can't believe that SHIELD commandeered my van!

Charge Trait (5)
I want to find out the truth about my mother.  Do I even have one?  What am I?

Grant Ward

Vocation Trait (4)
As a SHIELD Agent, I excel in my physical training, strength, speed, endurance ... I've got these.

Hobby Trait (D)
I guess you could say it's what we're doing now. This team. I don't feel like I fit in. I work best alone.

Attack Trait (6)*
I am an expert in hand to hand combat and proficient with most firearms.

Defense Trait (5)
I can take care of myself.

Mobility Trait (3)
As an expert in Black Ops, stealth is key. I sneak around. You'll never see me coming.

Charge Trait (2)
I am Skye's SO. It's my job to keep an eye on her.

 * Denotes Specialization

Here's the first half of my  Marvel's Agents of SHIELD post for Super-Five. With both Agents of SHIELD and Arrow in reruns right now, I am aching for a superhero fix.

To check out the Super-Five Fast Play rules click here!

Art this time is photo-manips of the publicity stills done by yours truly.



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