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Double Trouble: Fantasy Adventure (sample text #12)

Combat Scenes

Combats are a special kind of scene that engages the PCs' powers and involves lots of dice play. The GM always acts first, and players then take turns around the table.


The term "enemy" refers to any NPC that wants to hurt a PC. Sometimes enemies can be reasoned with, but often the only option is to kill or be killed.


On the GM's turn, they decide if monsters or PCs act first. This will be based on the circumstances in the scene, but it's usually monsters who start the fight.

Dodging Attacks

When a monster attacks, the PC takes damage unless they dodge. (Dodge in DT implies other defense actions like blocking.) PCs get 1 free dodge each turn.

Taking Damage

If their dodge fails, the PC takes the monster's attack damage. If their dodge is Trouble! the PC takes additional damage equal to the ST of Trouble! (See page 2.)

Counter Attacks

If dodge is Triumph! the PC gets an immediate free counter attack against their attacker, assuming that the attack is possible given the PC's current armament.

Attacks That Aren't Dodged

If a PC can't or doesn't want to take a dodge action to defend against an attack, they suffer the damage listed for the monster as if they had rolled a failure result.

Full Defense

When a player declares, "Full Defense," they give up their normal action on their turn. In exchange, the player gains unlimited free dodge actions for the turn.

Attack Skills

During a combat scene, a PC's most common action is to use their weapon to try to strike at and injure a monster. HTH, MWP and RWP are skills used for attack.

Rolling An Attack

PCs get one attack not including counter attack, dual wield and bonuses gained from powers. Rolling Success or Triumph! to attack triggers a Strength roll (see page 2.)

Rolling Damage

If your attack is a Success, roll a die and subtract that from your weapon's ST to see how much damage your weapon does. Minimum weapon damage is 1 (see page 2.)

Critical Damage

If your attack is a Triumph! roll a die and add that to your weapon's ST to see how much damage your weapon does. This is known as a critical hit! (See page 2.)

Trouble! on Attack Actions

If attack is Trouble! the monster makes an immediate counter attack against the PC that can't be dodged, assuming the attack is possible given the monster's armament.

Partial Success on Attack Actions

If attacking while Helped or Hindered, it's possible to roll a Partial Success. When resolving partial success for attack, Determine damage, but then cut the total in half.

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