Wednesday, July 05, 2023

Four More Anticipated Board Games 2023

Sagrada Artisans (2023)

This is a legacy campaign style game based on the dice game: Sagrada, a game that Julie and I really enjoy. In Sagrada players use transparent style colored dice in a variety of bright colors to lay out patterns. These then are meant to represent stained glass windows. Sagrada Artisans uses this theme and mechanic, but it's also a roll-and-write game. I think the idea of a legacy campaign style roll-and-write game is brilliant, and I don't think that Sagrada Artisans will be the last game of this type that we'll see.

Fit to Print (2023)

How about playing newspaper reporters collecting stories for the newspapers in 1950's America? Well, not really "America" because all the "people" in the game are represented by cute animals. Sound interesting to you? Then you might want to check out: Fit to Print. The newspaper theme really appeals to me and Julie. I am a little worried because the game has a "real time" element, but supposedly it is possible to play without it. So, we'll see.

Age of Comics: The Golden Years (2023)

From publishing newspapers in the 50's to publishing comic books in the 40's. Age of Comics really speaks to me. This might be a game created specifically with me in mind. I actually have a light little card game about collecting comic books that's surprisingly good. This is a chance to push that theme to the next level with involved worker placement mechanics and a pretty crunchy game that emulates the comic book publishing industry of the time.

Cosmoctopus (2023)

From a game made for me, to a game made for Julie. Julie's favorite Disney Princess in Ursula the Sea Witch. Is it just about the tentacles? Well, no ... but they sure don't hurt. In Cosmoctopus players collect card sets to gain the favor the the great cosmic space octopus: Cosmoctopus. This game has tentacles to spare. We just have to try it!

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