Sunday, July 16, 2023

Double Zero

Following the first play test of Double Trouble, I made some minor changes to make the game more intuitive. Last Sunday, I shared the changes made to the interpretation of the dice rolls. Those changes stand, and I am reinforcing them by making some small changes to terminology.

I am no longer referring to positive and negative conditions as "helped" and "hindered." A boon is now called a "double," and a bane is now called a "zero." These terms match the die rolls that trigger their effects. This should make roll exceptions easy to remember.

Also, because of the way doubles and zeros effect die rolls, rolling doubles doesn't automatically equate to trouble. The name, "Double Trouble" is misleading. So, I am changing the name of the game to: Double Zero.

A form-fillable character sheet for Double Zero is available in the files section of the Facebook Group.

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