Wednesday, July 12, 2023

Obligation (Marvel Team-Up #126)

As a kid (and who am I "kidding," I am still a kid at heart,) I really loved the ten page backup stories that sometimes appeared after the main stories in the comic books that I read. It's been quite awhile since I shared one of these. I was reading old issues of Marvel Team-Up, when I came across this backup story. It's from Marvel Team-Up #126 with a cover date of February 1983. The story's title is, "Obligation." It was written by Jim Shooter and drawn by Tomoyuki Takenaka.

I tried searching for artist Tomoyuki Takenaka, and all I could find was a reference on Twitter. It said that Tomoyuki Takenaka was the real name of an artist by the pen name of Hisato Joh, and that he was the first Japanese artist to work for Marvel Comics. Another tweet from the same source references the artist as "the late Hisato Joh." So, it would appear that the artist is no longer with us. I can't find anything to collaborate the information on Twitter, which is a real shame, because I'd love to know more about Tomoyuki Takenaka. These pages are incredible! 

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