Friday, January 15, 2010

Console: Handheld Edition

So, like a million years ago (or 4 years ago) I posted a challenge called "The Character Sheet is the RPG!" over at 1KM1KT. The idea was to make a RPG/character sheet combo that provided everything you needed to play on one page. The original forum post is here if you are interested, and the game I made: RPG (Rage Precognition Grace) is here.

Today I stumbled upon Console: Handheld Edition ... and, well ... wow! Colin Fredericks of Valent Games does me a "one-up" and produces a 1 page RPG in a nifty pocket fold edition that I think is just fantastic! Turns out, Colin has created a few "tiny RPGs" like this and you can get them free (or for as little as a dollar) here.

The blurb for one of the games mentions that this design stemmed from a "Compact RPG Challenge" over at the Forge and I looked it up to discover that challenge was posted 2 months prior to my own (Darn! I was going to razz them about how I had the idea first.)

Regardless, Console: Handheld Edition and Colin's other Tiny RPG's are excellent stuff and in honor of FREE RPG MONTH, I thought I should share the discovery. By the way, all of Valent Games stuff on RPG Now is either free or marked down to only a buck! You should give the stuff a look ... it's more than worth the money!



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