Sunday, January 24, 2010

The RPG Cover Meme ...

There is a fun forum post over on (actually there are many...) called, “The RPG Cover Meme.” The idea is to have a bit of zany fun by taking a random title, quote and image to create an original RPG cover.

We were to get our title from a random Wikipedia entry … the instruction said to keep trying until you got a noun. I liked my very first click. “All She Wants to do is Dance.” I figured a song title was a noun … and I liked it, so I went with it.

Next was a random quote. This quote by Lilly Tomlin popped up as soon as I hit the link. “Why isn't there a special name for the tops of your feet?” It seemed perfect for my title so I ran with it!

Finally the last bit of fun was a random piece of art. “Walk on Time” copyright © Adar Hay.

And presto! A cover was born … it was interesting to me that the final piece (the image) although not really matching with the other 2 elements visually, it was about “walking” … the whole … walking, dancing, feet thing all having a crazy connection with one another despite the randomness of it all.

Note: this was a game. Played for fun and no infraction of any persons copyright is intended (Which is why I wanted to be sure to post all information here thereby giving credit where credit is due.)

In retrospect an RPG about Dancing could be interesting. I mean, think about how many movies there are about dancing! And if rules can be made to break down and orchestrate the physical act of melee combat, isn't it reasonable to assume that the same might be done for the physical act of dance?

Check out 1km1kt. There's a good community of people over there. Maybe make your own random RPG cover. It was fun!


Jeff Moore

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  1. It's certainly a different type of game! I couldn't complain it was another generic lite fantasy RPG!

    Btw, I think the background needs to be a bit less contrasty - I normally read your blog in Google Reader - but I think the orange on brown with the background is a little difficult to read on your blog. Other than that, very snazzy!