Thursday, January 21, 2010

The Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny

I assume that I am behind the rest of the internet pack when it comes to cool YouTube videos or what have you. I really don't have my finger on the pulse of popular culture. I am more like that square old dude who's trying to be cool. So, I won't be surprised if everyone but me has already seen this. When I did a search on the song title many different versions popped up, so I know it's been around for a while. But, it was new to me.

After our latest gaming session, during which Bob (Big Ol' Bear) slew the ruling prince of the Ursan kingdoms and freed the aged and dying Ursan king from fairy mind control, took possession of the Ursan throne, only to loose it in single combat to the Ursan princess in a public arena battle to the death, where he raked in a ton of cash (after his resurrection by the Tigran healer Accosha) because he bet against himself at 10 to 1 odds ... (take a breath.)

After our latest gaming session ... Bob's player introduced me to the following video on YouTube which I just had to share.

As a gamer geek, this kind of thing had me giggling like a school girl (okay, like a pre-school girl) ... I loved it, so I just had to share. Give it a look.


Jeff Moore

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