Friday, January 08, 2010

Diamond Jill

Part of my creative process with my new Supers RPG includes (amazingly) illustration. I mentioned below that I love comics. Growing up as a kid I wanted to draw comics for a living and I used to sketch superheroes all the time.

Recently, I have taken to sketching again. This time on my laptop using a touch pad and a freeware graphic program called GIMP. My current plan is to create 10 original supers pin-up drawings and drop them as spot illustrations into my RPG rules.

I thought people might enjoy seeing these as I get them drawn.

I got started on the whole "drawing with my computer" thing due to a site I enjoy called Heromorph. The site started (I think) as a place where photo-shop artists would manipulate celebrity (and nude model) photos by overlaying superhero costumes on the photos there by creating superhero fan art.

The site features an incredible array of original art and artist now well beyond just the original photo-shop manips. The site is well worth a visit. I even have my work (what little there is) posted there.

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