Tuesday, January 26, 2010

I thought an update on my RPG design progress might be in order. Just to recap, I am designing a supers type RPG that fuses ideas from many of my past RPG projects.
The game has a name now. It's called "Xceptional."
The game uses a three attribute system. The attributes are Rage, Precognition, and Grace. The game also uses character classes and levels which is very old school, but then ... so am I. There are three classes. They are Brawler, Mentalist and Shooter. There are skills related to the attributes and powers called Xceptions which offer all sorts of ways for the characters to "break the rules."
Attributes and skills are ranked in value from 1 to 4 (actually skills can also be unranked, or "unskilled.") Difficulty modifiers are also from 1 to 4 (lower is harder, higher is easier). The three numbers added together create a target that must be rolled (or lower) on a 5x5 roll. (If you are unfamiliar with the 5x5 roll, check out my game: 5x5.
Anyway today I built advancement tables and polished up some of the basic rules text. Things are moving along and I am (so far) happy with the results.
A discussion of the game's setting is going on over at 1km1kt. Some interesting ideas are being discussed there.

Jeff Moore

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