Tuesday, January 03, 2023

Adventure Land

The 21st greatest board game of all time is Adventure Land

I LOVE adventure games. This one is light and breezy and puzzly. Each player has a small "army" of meeple adventurers. You start at positions across the top and down the left side of the board.

Your adventurers can move as far as you want, but can only move down or left. The board is seeded with cool treasures and monsters and all kinds of fun stuff like that as you play. There are a variety of "scenarios" that give you a way to score points, like end your adventurers in cities, or kill the most monsters, or whatever.

You have to plan carefully to be able to collect the stuff you will need for success. Do you rush ahead to get the juicy looking treasure currently on the board, knowing that you can never go back? Or do you move slowly and bide you time, hoping to get something even better, but leaving that one cool treasure for your opponent to collect in the process?

Scenario #3 in progress. – Uploaded by Legato147

image by Legato147 on board game geek

Adventure land is published by HABA and HABA is known for their children's games. This game is really light and simple to play, but the puzzle it presents is very satisfying, and by the end you do feel like you've been on an adventure and you will have tales to tell. It's awesome! And that's why it's the 21st greatest board game of all time!!

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