Tuesday, January 31, 2023

Call To Adventure

The 13th Greatest Board Game of all time is: Call To Adventure!

Call To Adventure is a story telling card game. Players begin with an Origin, a Motivation, and a Destiny. These base cards give you a foundation to build out a story of your heroic adventures. Cards are laid out in three rows, each row representing one of the landmarks mentioned above. You start by adding cards to your Origin. 

You are free to choose any card in the top row for this, but earning cards requires you to pass skill tests. Your starting cards and cards that you earn have symbols on them representing skills. To pass a test you need a number of successes. You gain these by casting rune stones. These are like dice, but with only 2 sides. They are pretty cool. 

Everyone has a basic set of three runes that they are able to use, plus you can use any runes matching symbols on your cards. If the test you are attempting requires a high dexterity to complete, you can cast dexterity runes along with your basic ones in order to pass the test, but only if you are showing those runes on the cards that you already have. 

by ImagineAllTheMeeple on Board Game Geek 

Call To Adventure is a very basic quest adventure type game. It's an overland adventure without the land, and a dungeon crawler without the dungeon. You just choose a card and try to pass a test. The joy comes in the way the different encounters work together to tell your story. It's the most streamlined adventure game that I've ever played and it's brilliant. Everything works, the tactile feel of the rune stones is super satisfying and the story you are able to tell by the end of the game feels epic and cool. 

That's why Call To Adventure is the 13th Greatest Board Game of all time! 

P.S. There is a Dungeons And Dragons themed version of Call To Adventure called, "Call To Adventure: Epic Origins." I haven't played that one, yet. But the game claims to allow you to convert the character that you've made into an official D&D character when you're done! That sounds awesome, and could push this game even higher up my list of favorites!!

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