Sunday, January 01, 2023

Dressing For The Occasion

You emerge from the cellar, triumphant. You hold out the club that the innkeeper loaned you, intent on returning it. The innkeeper retches at the sight of goo dripping from the business end of the weapon and insists that you keep the club, "as a gift." He then reaches under the bar and pulls out an old wooden crate containing a suit of worn armor.

"On occasion a traveling adventurer will barter for room and board." The innkeeper explains. "I've collected some of their equipment over the years. None of it too valuable, but seeing as how you are intent on the adventuring life yourself, I thought you might like to have this. It's been cleaned and mended, and it looks like it should fit."

Quilted Armor [TS] +1♠, +2♦, +1♣

Wow! Look at that!

It's time to learn what the other three suits do. Just as Hearts ♥ is the suit for the Hitting action, each of the other suits encompasses a specific and important combat action! 


Spades ♠ is the trump suit for the Shooting action.

"A bow is used for SHOOTING monsters." 


Like hitting, shooting is the action of attacking a monster. Where hitting is about attacking a monster with a melee weapon, shooting is about attacking a monster with a ranged weapon. 

The quilted armor lists +1♠ which gives you a +1 to effort for Shooting actions. 

  • Hint: Shooting and Spades both begin with S. 


Diamonds ♦ is the trump suit for the Defending action.

"A shield is used for DEFENDING yourself."


When a monster attacks, defending is the action that you will use to try to avoid taking damage.

The quilted armor lists +2♦ which gives you a +2 to effort for Defending actions.

  • Hint: Defending and Diamonds both begin with D.


Clubs ♣ is the trump suit for the Crossing action.

"Shoes will help when CROSSING the battlefield."


The Crossing action represents rapid tactical movement. Use Crossing to avoid being surrounded by monsters.

The quilted armor lists +1♣ which gives you a +1 to effort for Crossing actions.

  • Hint: Crossing and Clubs both begin with C.

Quilted Armor is a treasure that covers your torso [TS]. You can only wear / equip one [TS] treasure at a time.

The innkeeper has a keen eye. The armor fits well. Between the quilted armor and the massive club, you are beginning to feel like a proper adventurer. 

Just outside of town, about a half mile south of the old mill road, lies a cursed cemetery. The cemetery's name is long forgotten, and it is dangerous to go there. No one dares, because the dead walk among the gravestones even in the light of day. 

You smile to yourself. The cursed cemetery seems like the perfect place to test your mettle as a new adventurer. 

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