Monday, January 30, 2023

Happy Birthday, Fred Hembeck!

Fred Hembeck turns 70 today! My experience of Hembeck's cartooning is from the pages of DC Comics. Back when I was collecting comics as a kid, there was this one-page house ad designed to read like a newspaper, "The Daily Planet." Each month The Daily Planet would feature certain comics being sold that month, written like a news article. It was awesome! And, like all newspapers, the Daily Planet needed a comic strip. That's where Hembeck came in.

Back some time in the 90's, Hembeck would take commissions to recreate those old strips. I bought one as a gift for a friend. Sadly, Hembeck doesn't do that anymore. I'm sure its just too much to deal with these days. Anyway, I wish Fred a very Happy Birthday and share the strip that I had commissioned here. This isn't the commission (as said, that was given away as a gift) but a scan from the original comic book publication. 

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