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Double Trouble: Fantasy Adventure (sample text #8)

Weapons (Melee)

Melee Weapons are grouped by how cumbersome they are. Heavier weapons often do more damage, but these are also more difficult to wield effectively.

No Weapon (hand to hand)

When fighting unarmed, use your Hand To Hand skill. If your opponent is armed, your Hand To Hand skill is Hindered. Unarmed Weapon ST is 2. (See page 2.)

Light Melee (quick or dual wield)

Includes Dagger ST 4 for 2 sp, Mace ST 5 for 5 sp, Short Sword ST 6 for 10 sp, and Rapier ST 8 for 20 sp. Light weapons are either "quick" or "dual wield."

Quick (light) Weapon Quality

Light weapons are either quick or dual wield based on how they are used. When not used to dual wield, a quick weapon provides a Helped condition to MWP actions.

Dual Wield (light) Weapon Quality

When used to dual wield,  you equip a light weapon in each hand. You are able to attack twice on your turn, striking first with one weapon then with the other.

Two Handed Weapons

Weapons below marked with an asterisk [*] require two hands. Weapons marked with a double asterisk [**] can optionally be used with two hands in order to gain +1 ST.

Medium Melee (no conditions)

Hammer ST 4 for 1 sp, Staff* ST 6 for 0 sp, Hand Axe ST 6 for 6 sp, Heavy Mace ST 7 for 12 sp, Long Sword ST 8 for 15 sp, Bastard Sword** ST 8 for 35 sp.

Heavy Melee (hinders dodge)

Heavy Weapons include Club** ST 4 for 0 sp, Spear** ST 6 for 2 sp, Battle Axe** ST 8 for 10 sp, Great Sword* ST 10 for 50 sp. Heavy weapons hinder dodge.

Weapons (Ranged)

Ranged Weapons are either Light or Medium. Light ranged weapons are one handed, while heavy ranged weapons require two hands to wield properly.

Light Ranged (helps RWP)

Light ranged includes: Sling ST 4 for 0 sp, Dagger ST 4 for 2 sp, Spear ST 6 for 2 sp and Hand Crossbow ST 6 for 100 sp. Light ranged weapons Help RWP actions.

Medium Ranged (two handed)

Medium ranged includes: Short bow ST 6 for 30 sp, Crossbow ST 8 for 50 sp (dodge action to reload,) Longbow ST 8 for 75 sp.  Med. ranged weapons add no conditions.

Ranged vs. Melee

If you throw a melee weapon at a ranged target, MWP is Hindered. If you fire a ranged weapon at a melee target, RWP is Hindered. (Except for daggers and spears.)

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