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Double Trouble: Fantasy Adventure (sample text #10)

Health Points (HP)

HP is the damage you can take before being in danger of dying. HP is equal to the sum of all your core skill ranks divided by 2 (rounded down.) You start with 11.

Naming Your Character

Finally, give your character a name. Think of a name that tells others something about your character and fits the tone of the role that you want to play.

Experience (XP)

At the end of a game session, the GM will award Experience Points (XP) to the players. XP awards are spent to improve skills and gain powers. (The GM awards XP for contributing to the story and completing goals. About 2 XP per session is normal.)

XP Costs (spend XP like money)

Improve any one core skill with a rank of
   1, 2, 3, 4, or 5 by +1 rank ……… 1 XP.

Improve any one core skill with a rank of
   6, 8 or 10 by +2 ranks ……… 2 XP.

Improve any one core skill with a rank of
   12 by +3 ranks ……… 3 XP.

Gain a new power from any profession
   (must meet skill rank minimum) ……… 4 XP.

Improve your profession's key skill with
   a rank of 15 by +5 ranks ……… 5 XP.

Improving Skill Ranks

You must increase skill ranks by the exact amounts shown (for example: you must spend 2 XP to increase a rank 6 to 8.) After increasing skill ranks, remember to up HP.

Gaining New Powers

You aren't limited to powers listed for your profession. You can gain powers from any of the different professions if you meet the skill rank requirements. (See page 5.)

Rank 20 (only key, always helped)

Each profession has one key skill. Your key skill is the only skill that can reach rank 20. With a skill rank of 20, all actions based on that skill are always considered Helped.

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