Thursday, June 01, 2023

Four Wish List Board Games 2017

It's June. I have a birthday next month. In my selflessness, I am continuing the board game wish lists, so that my wife won't have to struggle to find birthday present ideas. (I'm just that awesome!) This time it's four games from 2017.

Nusfjord (2017)

A worker placement game by legendary game designer Uwe Rosenberg. It has players building up a fishing village. Our favorite reviewers "Thinker/Themer" really like this one. It makes me think of that movie "Fisherman's Friends" and I just love the idea of it. Also, surprisingly (at least to me) we don't own many worker placement games, so it would be nice to have a few more.

Rajas of the Ganges (2017)

Another worker placement game. This one uses dice of different colors as resources. Players track money going one direction around the board and fame going the other direction around the board. When the two intersect, that player wins the game. There's a lot going on in this one. You are building your own little "town" on your player board to gain bonuses and abilities. Dice are paid to the supply to earn benefits, some based on colors, other on numbers. There's a lot of interesting choices here. I really want Rajas of the Ganges. (Did I mention that the first player marker is an elephant?!)

Rising 5 (2017)

I'm always on the look out for a good adventure game that Julie will enjoy playing with me, and I am pretty sure that Rising 5 fits that bill. In Rising 5 players battle monsters to find clues to solve a "riddle" to save the land. The "riddle" in question is basically the classic deduction game Mastermind, which I assume Julie enjoys because she owns a copy of the game and has told me that she is really good at it. I would have probably added Rising 5 to my collection long ago, but the "Mastermind" role is fulfilled by an app and I have avoided board games with an electronic component up to this point. It's possible that Rising 5 might become the first game in my collection to break that rule.

Chimera Station (2017)

This quirky little worker placement game has a space theme. Your workers are little aliens that you can add "body parts" to. This allows you to stack sections together to make workers with different powers. It's funny. It looks cool, and there's a high toy factor. This one has been lingering on my wish list since it came out. It really looks fun. Unfortunately, Chimera Station was published by the now defunct Tasty Minstrel Games and could be quite hard to find.

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