Thursday, June 22, 2023

Four More Wish List Games 2022

My Shelfie (2022)

It's the classic game "Connect Four" but everyone has their own personal "shelf" to build on and a variety of scoring objectives and opportunities. This one just looks great and light and breezey and fun. Sometimes a person wants a quick light puzzle game, and My Shelfie looks like it will fit that bill.

The Light in the Mist (2022)

A mystery story puzzle campaign game using tarot cards. This one got a rave review from YouTubers: Thinker/Themer. Julie and I really enjoyed another puzzle campaign style game called "The Initiative" and based on Thinker/Themer's review, we really want this one. (Plus the cards look gorgeous!)

Pocket Master Builder (2022)

A deceptively crunchy city building card game. You build worker placement spots by placing cards into a shared kingdom. It's cards. It's worker placement. It's city (kingdom) building. It's all the things that I like in a tiny box. Thinker/Themer rated it the number one best game they bought on a recent trip to Taiwan and just gushed about it. I really, really want this one, but it might be hard to find.

Turing Machine (2022)

Speaking of puzzle games, Turing Machine is just a box full of deduction puzzles and a mechanism for solving them based on old style computer punch cards. This looks so interesting and so different from anything else in our collection that Julie and I are just aching to try Turing Machine.

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