Tuesday, June 20, 2023

Four Wish List Board Games 2022

Beer & Bread (2022)

I love farming sim style games. In Beer & Bread you are only harvesting the crops needed to produce beer and bread. It's a tight two player only euro style card drafting game. Julie and I have not like closed card drafting mechanisms in the past, but here it's only one piece of a much bigger puzzle, and this game is specifically designed and balanced for just two players. I want to see how that works. Tight, interesting, and deep, with a ton of player interaction, but none of it negative (Rhado loves this game!) I really think that Beer & Bread could become a favorite.

Woodcraft (2022)

Players are "forest people?" woodworkers fulfilling crafting orders for other forest people. Wood in the game is represented by dice that can be manipulated like wood. Sawing a die showing a 6 in half gives you two dice with values of 3, for example -- not really like real wood, but it's a board game.

Tales from the Loop: The Board Game (2022)

A fun looking adventure board game where players are kids running around their neighborhood having adventures. Thematically equal parts Goonies, ET and Stranger Things, this game looks like it will be so much fun to play. You have to go to school, get home in time for dinner, and avoid getting grounded while completing cooperative scenario based adventures. It looks awesome! (Foster The Meeple YouTubers: Jeff and Jamie love it!)

Planet Unknown (2022)

Explore a mysterious planet and extract its resources using a Lazy Susan. Another tile laying game with a twist, Planet Unknown is getting rave reviews and looks like loads of fun, as players rotate a Lazy Susan to select tiles on their side of the board while presenting different offerings to their opponents.

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