Thursday, June 08, 2023

Four Wish List Board Games 2019

Machi Koro Legacy (2019)

Julie and I have really enjoyed some legacy style game experiences that we've had recently. Both "My City" and "Dorf Romantik" have been very well received. Machi Koro is a dice game that I really enjoyed when I used to have game nights with my aunt and my sister when I lived in Baxter Springs. This legacy version of the game looks really good and is very well reviewed. Most everyone seems to prefer this version of the game to the original version and that has me very interested.

Red Outpost (2019)

This is a really interesting worker placement type game where workers all have morale and will only work if they are happy or maybe at least not unhappy. It's an interesting idea. This game has players building a colony on Mars, and it just really looks cool to me.

Tapestry (2019)

A popular civilization building game from the publisher of Wingspan and Red Rising. This one has been on my radar for a very long time. It has beautiful components and is well regarded. Civ builders tend to be long and complex, Tapestry promises a more streamlined experience in a reasonable time frame and is a favorite among many of the reviewers that we follow.

Res Arcana (2019)

A super popular engine building game that has somehow managed to evade purchase up to this point. This game is all about finding powerful card combinations and is really tight and quick to play. Res Arcana frequently hits top ten lists of most popular games, and I like engine building games a lot.


  1. I am interested in all of these - particularly Red Outpost since it hearkens back to my academic interests of the past.

  2. Red Outpost does look really interesting.