Tuesday, May 30, 2023

Four Wish List Board Games 2013-2016

I thought it might be fun to compile a wish list of board games that I'd like to consider adding to my board game collection. With new games coming out all the time, it's easy to forget about games that came out only a few years ago. So, I'm going to include games that are a few years older in my wish list. Hopefully, I can still track a few of these down.

Cinque Terre (2013)

Pick Up and Deliver is one of my favorite game mechanisms and Cinque Terre (Five Villages) is a well regarded game of this type. A reviewer we like (Mike Delisio of the Dice Tower) loves this game. That's helped to keep Cinque Terra high on my wish list. (Plus, the BGG community votes this best at 2 players.)

Akrotiri (2014)

This is another Pick Up and Deliver game, but it adds an exploration/tile laying mechanism. This is very much like Explorers of the North Sea which is a favorite. Akrotiri has an Ancient Greece exploration theme as opposed to Explorers of the North Sea that has a Viking theme, and it seems like it will be a tighter experience as it is designed specifically for two players. Would really love to try this one.

Elysium (2015)

Speaking of the Ancient Greece theme, in Elysium players are mythic figures trying to curry the favor of the gods. Julie and I love greek mythology and Elysium's theme really appeals. Mechanisms of set collection and tableau building combine with positive reviews to put Elysium near the top of my wish list.

Oceanos (2016)

This is a set collection deep sea themed game where each player has a submarine that can be upgraded as you play. This one seems light and breezy and it just looks beautiful on the table.

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