Friday, May 19, 2023

Double Trouble: Fantasy Adventure (sample text #4)

Profession: Mage

The Mage's key skill is Knowledge. Mages start with the power: Firebolt. Their other powers are: Spellcaster and Fireball (also see: Inferno (Trouble! Effect) below.)

Firebolt (can't be helped)

Mage Power - Requires KNW 4 (5) - Use a KNW action to make a ST 6 ranged elemental (fire) attack. On Trouble! Firebolt becomes Inferno (see below.)


Mage Power - Requires KNW 8 (10) - You have the ability to understand and control the arcane power trapped inside spell books (see rules on Spell Books.)

Fireball (can't be helped)

Mage Power - Requires KNW 12 (15) - Your Firebolt attack now targets all enemies. On Trouble! Fireball becomes Inferno (see below.) Requires: Firebolt.

Inferno (Trouble! Effect)

Trouble! Effect - When using Firebolt or Fireball, on Trouble! inflict ST 4 fire damage on every target in the combat. This includes allies, enemies and yourself.

Profession: Mystic

The Mystic's key skill is Hand To Hand. Mystics start with the profession power: Deadly Weapon. Their other powers are: Two-Fisted and Vengeful Tornado.

Deadly Weapon

Mystic Power - Requires HTH 4 (5) - You have an unarmed weapon ST equal to 1/2 your HTH rounded down. You are not Hindered by fighting an armed opponent.


Mystic Power - Requires HTH 8 (10) - When fighting unarmed with Hand To Hand, your hands possess the "dual wield" property, granting two attacks per turn.

Vengeful Tornado (helped)

Mystic Power - Requires HTH 12 (15) - If you had Trouble! last turn, roll HTH Helped to inflict unarmed ST damage to all enemies. Requires: Deadly Weapon.

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