Tuesday, May 23, 2023

Double Trouble: Fantasy Adventure (sample text #6)

Character Ancestries

With profession sorted, it's time to look at ancestry. In DT it's not enough to say: my character is an elf. DT asks: how does ancestry manifest? That's: Origin Powers.

Origin Powers (pick 2)

All characters have two Origin Powers. It's up to you what sort of ancestry the powers imply. Choose the powers first, then decide what ancestry these powers suggest to you.

(Example ancestries are only suggestions. Play how you want.)


You have remarkable control over your body's movement. You are Helped on any ATH actions involving physical speed, balance or grace. Examples: catfolk, elves.


You can live in water as easily as on land. You can breathe underwater. Actions made while at least half submerged in water are Helped. Examples: frogfolk, cecaelia.

Animal Friend

You can speak to animals and they understand you but cannot speak back. Actions involving working with normal animals are Helped. Examples: centaurs, princesses.


Your appearance is especially pleasing. You are Helped on AWR actions involving persuation where physical attractiveness can play a part. Examples: angels, princes.


You can see clearly in absolute darkness. You aren't Hindered by absence of light. AWR perception actions taken in low light are Helped. Examples: mausfolk, dwarves.


You have wings and use them to fly, but you are either very small or very light of frame. You can only equip light weapons and armor. Examples: birdfolk, fairies.

Natural Armor

You have a natural body covering that protects you from harm (fur, hide, scales, etc.) Your Ablative Cushion is +1 if using light or no armor. Examples: turtlefolk, demons.

Natural Weaponry

You have natural weaponry (claws, horn, bite, fire breath, tusks, etc.) that you can use fighting HTH. Your unarmed weapon ST is 3. Examples: bearfolk, dragonfolk.

Press The Advantage

You are driven by the thrill of victory. When you roll a Triumph! in combat, you are automatically Helped on your first action next turn. Examples: humans, orcs.

Quick To Rally

You gain renewed resolve after a setback. When you roll Trouble! in combat, you are automatically Helped on your first action next turn. Examples: halflings, duckfolk.


You are capable of great feats of physical power and endurance. You are Helped on  ATH actions involving physical might or fortitude. Examples: pandafolk, minotaurs.

Track By Scent

You can identify others by odors that most can't detect. You are helped on  AWR actions to follow the trail of beings you have met. Examples: wolflings, goblins.

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