Sunday, May 28, 2023

Double Trouble: Fantasy Adventure (sample text #7)

Pre-Adventuring Life?

By now you'll have a good sense of your character. You should have begun to think about how they got where they are now. What were they like before adventuring?

Background Statement

Write a background statement about a previous vocation. Example: "I cooked at the inn." Outside of combat, actions related to your background statement are Helped.

Value Statement

Write a value statement about something that drives you. Example: "I won't tolerate injustice." Outside of combat, actions related to your value statement are Helped.

60 Pieces of Silver (sp)

Your new character has 60 pieces of silver (sp). All equipment costs sp. The final step in character creation is to go shopping and buy weapons, armor and other equipment.


Armor is grouped based on bulk. Heavier armors generally offer a higher Ablative Cushion (AC), but restrict mobility and can Hinder some skill actions.

No Armor (helps stealth)

This category covers every kind of standard clothing (or no clothing at all) and costs 0 sp. With No Armor your AC is 0 and stealth actions are Helped.

Light Armor (no conditions)

Light Armor includes Leather with an AC of 1 for 10 sp and Studded Leather with an AC of 2 for 45 sp. Light armor imposes no condition changes on your skills.

Medium Armor (hinders stealth)

Includes Padded AC 1 for 5 sp, Hide AC 2 for 10 sp, Chain Shirt AC 3 for 50 sp, Breast Plate AC 4 for 400 sp and Half Plate AC 5 for 750 sp. Hinders stealth.

Heavy Armor (hinders dodge & stealth)

Includes Ring Mail AC 4 for 30 sp, Scale Mail AC 5 for 50 sp, Chain Mail AC 6 for 75 sp, Splint AC 7 for 200 sp and Plate AC 8 for 1,500 sp. Hinders dodge and stealth.

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