Wednesday, May 10, 2023

JP Coovert is AWESOME!

I am really enjoying the RPG content created by cartoonist/author/RPG gamer JP Coovert.

I recently discovered JP Coovert's work while browsing RPG videos on YouTube. He had a video about creating zines (pronounced; zeenz) on his channel. A zine generally refers to an amateur publication with a small print run. 

There are a variety of bindings, sizes and page counts for zines, but I usually envision something that has been home printed onto letter sized paper so that it can be folded in half and stapled in the middle to form an 5.5 x 8.5 booklet of somewhere around 48 pages.

I am currently determined to produce Double Trouble (my most recent redesign of the game formerly known as "Five By Five") as a zine to submit to Kickstarter's annual Zinequest. This is what has drawn me to JP Coovert's work. I am currently reading, "Flik Silverpen's Guide to Dragon Town." It's 44 pages of pure brilliance!

JP's work (Can I call you, "JP" Mr. Coovert?) is light in both tone and mechanisms. That for me is such a breath of fresh air! I know that MÖRK BORG is all the rage these days. (If that was about a quirky alien from outer space living in Boulder who had been assimilated by a cybernetic collective, where zany high jinks ensue, I'd be all in!) But, for me I have always lamented the tendency toward darker trends in my entertainment, and I always will. I guess that makes me an outlier ... well, me and JP.

The 44 page Dragon Town is a setting and an adventure where the PCs find themselves in a small town that is mostly inhabited by a community of Halflings. This community of Halflings have a gold dragon as their mayor. And as the PCs enter the scene, things are amiss because the mayor of Dragon Town is missing!

The adventure is light and fun. All of the NPCs in the town have their own stories, everything is beautifully illustrated, there are plenty of areas to explore and mysteries to discover, and its all just, "charming." 

Dragon Town is just one of many many adventure zines available on JP's website. You can even "subscribe" to his zines by joining JP's Patreon. I strongly recommend giving the work of JP Coovert a look, especially if you like fun. (Who doesn't like fun?!)

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