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Into The Darkness

You look over at the Innkeeper in utter disbelief. Beneath the Inn, where once there had been a cellar, now there was a large gaping hole leading deep into the darkness of the earth.

"The floor just collapsed." The Innkeeper explains. "There was a rumble and the whole place shook. I ran down here to have a look when that giant spider-thing came up at me from the pit. I tried running back up to the Inn, but that cursed monstrosity followed me!"

"It's a miracle the Inn's still standing." You comment. "And, you're lucky to be alive."

"I wouldn't be if you hadn't showed up when you did." The Innkeeper observes, a great deal of gratitude apparent in his tone.

You both gaze down into the blackness of the pit. A low evil sounding moan mutters up from somewhere deep and unseen. "What do you suppose is down there?" The Innkeeper queries, certain that he really doesn't want to know.

"Only one way to find out." You respond as you take your first steps into the darkness.

Environment Cards

From now on, as you play Royal Treasures you will begin each encounter by drawing an "Environment Card." Each Environment Card will present it's own rules and random tables so that every encounter can feel unique.

There are 52 different environment cards, one for each card in your deck. I will be presenting these to you one card at a time beginning with the 2♣.

[2♣] The Howling Cavern

You enter a large cavern. A foul wind blows from somewhere ahead and produces an evil sounding moan as it echoes through the chamber. The wind cuts through your protective garb wrapping you in an unnatural cold.

Environment Rules: At the start of every combat round, if the suit of the FIRST CARD that you flip during the "monsters move" phase is black, you suffer the "Cold" Affliction and cannot earn a trump bonus for the "crossing" action during that round.

Monster Encounter:

Monster Bats

Flip the top card of the deck and add your Royalty $ bonus to the value of the card:

$Value  Monster         [#]   [Me]  [Mi]  [Mo]          
  2-10  Large Bats       3      6     1   (see below)   
 11-19  Giant Bats       4     12     1   (see below)  
 20-29  Monstrous Bats   5     20     1   (see below)   
 30-39  Gargantuan Bats  6     30     1   (see below)

Monster Bats Mojo:

Monster Bats are frail. All varieties have only 1 Might each. 

Normally, when you draw a card during the "Monsters Move" phase, you retain the existing monster card and move it according to the color of the card drawn. The original monster card is retained so that you can track the monster's might by its card in your notes.

For Monster Bats, don't retain the original cards that represent them during the Monsters Move phase.

Instead, follow these rules for Monster Bats:

  • When initially placing Monster Bats, place all cards in the Shadow Area regardless of the color of the monster card.
  • During the Monsters Attack Phase all Monster Bats represented by a card with a RED SUIT attack the player regardless of which area they are in.
  • During the Monsters Move Phase replace existing cards representing Monster Bats with the cards drawn for that bat's movement.
  • During the Monsters Move Phase, all Monster Bats always move to the Shadow Area regardless of the color of their movement card.
  • Monster Bats can still be shifted into the Threat area by the player's Crossing action, but will then return to the Shadow Area during the Monsters Move phase. 

If you defeat the Monster Bats, you discover a new Royalty. Gather and shuffle all cards and create a new item of equipment for your character. (Remember to Detect Magic on the item after you create it!)

If you fail to defeat the Monster Bats, then your hero has died and your adventure ends here. (Unless you have a Book of Life.)

*FINAL BOSS ENCOUNTER - Ignore this encounter card and proceed to the battle with the final boss.

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