Sunday, May 21, 2023

Double Trouble: Fantasy Adventure (sample text #5)

Profession: Savage

The Savage's key skill is Athletics. Savages start with the profession power: Born To Be Wild. Their other profession powers are: Unbreakable and Beast Master.

Born To Be Wild

Savage Power - Requires ATH 4 (5) - You climb trees or cliffs and swing from vines like one raised by the wild. Athletic Actions in the wilderness are Helped.


Savage Power - Requires ATH 8 (10) - You are tougher than most. You have 3 points of natural resistance to all forms of elemental damage. (This acts like armor.)

Beast Master (Beast Pet limit one)

Savage Power - Requires ATH 12 (15) - You have tracked, chased, and wrestled a wild beast, making it your pet (see Beast Pet below.) Requires: Born To Be Wild.

Beast Pet (Beast Pet gets 1 Origin Power)

Beast Pet has: Deadly Weapon (Mystic) and Born To Be Wild (Savage) powers. ATH:5, AWR:1, DGE:5, HTH:10, KNW:1, MWP:0, RWP:0, STL:1, TNK:0, WLP:1.

Profession: Shadow

The Shadow's key skill is Stealth. Shadows start with the profession power: Sneak. Their other profession powers are: Slight Of Hand and Shadow Walk.


Shadow Power - Requires STL 4 (5) - When trying to hide under cover of darkness and move silently without being detected, your STL actions are Helped.

Slight of Hand

Shadow Power - Requires STL 8 (10) - STL actions requiring manual dexterity and misdirection, such as picking pockets, shell games and magic tricks are Helped.

Shadow Walk

Shadow Power - Requires STL 12 (15) - You step into the darkness and disappear then reappear in another place of darkness within walking distance. Requires: Sneak.

Profession: Warrior

The Warrior's key skill is Melee Weapons. Warriors start with the power: Improved Critical. Their other powers are: Deadly Momentum and Exploding Critical.

Improved Critical

Warrior Power - Requires MWP 4 (5) - When making a weapon strength roll for damage following a Triumph! result on your attack action, you may re-roll 0's.

Deadly Momentum

Warrior Power - Requires MWP 8 (10) - When you defeat an enemy with an attack action, make an immediate free attack action against another enemy within range.

Exploding Critical

Warrior Power - Requires MWP 12 (15) - For Triumph! weapon ST rolls, if you roll 5, roll again and add the result. Repeat until the roll is not 5. Requires: Improved Critical.

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