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Double Trouble: Fantasy Adventure (sample text #2)

There Are Ten Core Skills

The Core Skills are: Athletics, Awareness, Dodge, Hand To Hand, Knowledge, Melee Weapons, Ranged Weapons, Stealth, Tinkering, and Willpower.

Athletics (ATH)

Athletics represents actions involving physical strength and control. Climbing, running, jumping, balancing, lifting, dragging and swinging are all a part of Athletics.

Awareness (AWR)

Awareness represents actions involving perception, vigilance, intuition and empathy. Searching, sensing, leading, flirting and persuading are all part of Awareness.

Dodge (DGE)

Dodge is how you avoid getting hit in combat. You get one "free" dodge every round. You can dodge unlimited attacks by giving up your action for the round.

Hand To Hand (HTH)

Hand To Hand includes all manner of unarmed melee. Boxing, brawling, unarmed martial arts, kicking, scratching and wrestling are all part of Hand To Hand.

Knowledge (KNW)

Knowledge represents actions involving the breadth of a person's academic ability and experience. Tactics, research, science and spell casting are all part of Knowledge.

Melee Weapons (MWP)

Melee Weapons is the skill of fighting while armed with a close combat hand weapon. Such weapons include knives, swords, clubs, axes, polearms and staves.

Ranged Weapons (RWP)

Ranged Weapons is the skill of aiming and firing a weapon to strike a distant target. Weapons include bows, crossbows, slings, throwing knives, darts and even blowguns.

Stealth (STL)

Stealth represents actions involving concealment and misdirection. Sneaking, hiding, picking pockets, shell games and prestidigitation are all part of Stealth.

Tinkering (TNK)

Tinkering represents actions involving maintenance, repair and technical invention. Fixing, crafting, picking locks and disabling traps are all a part of Tinkering.

Willpower (WLP)

Willpower represents acts of determination, focus and fortitude. Courage, maintaining prolonged activity and resisting magical effects are all a part of Willpower.

The Initial Skill Array

The core skills are assigned a rank from the array: 4, 3, 3, 2, 2, 2, 1, 1, 1, 1.  Ranks are distributed based on Profession. Choosing Profession is step 1 of character creation.

Creating a Character

The first thing you do to create a new character, is choose a Profession. Your Profession provides your initial skill ranks. Then improve 2 skills of your choice by +1 each.

Choose A Profession

Choose 1: Archer, Bard, Duelist, Engineer, Healer, Mage, Mystic, Shadow, Savage or Warrior. Professions offer a specific distribution of skill ranks and 3 unique powers.


Archers are experts in ranged combat. The Archer's starting core skill ranks are: ATH:2, AWR:3, DGE:2, HTH:1, KNW:1, MWP:2, RWP:4, STL:3, TNK:1, & WLP:1.


Bards are experts in storytelling, negotiation and morale. Bard starting skills are: ATH:1, AWR:4, DGE:2, HTH:1, KNW:2, MWP:2, RWP:3, STL:3, TNK:1, & WLP:1.


Duelists are combat specialists who favor finesse over force. Duelist starting skills: ATH:2, AWR:2, DGE:4, HTH:2, KNW:1, MWP:3, RWP:3, STL:1, TNK:1, & WLP:1.


Engineers are experts at building and repairing machinery. Engineer starting skills: ATH:1, AWR:2, DGE:1, HTH:1, KNW:3, MWP:2, RWP:2, STL:1, TNK:4, & WLP:3.


Healers possess powers of recovery and destroying evil. A Healer's starting skills are: ATH:2, AWR:3, DGE:2, HTH:1, KNW:2, MWP:3, RWP:1, STL:1, TNK:1, & WLP:4.


The Mage specializes in casting powerful magic spells. The Mage's starting skills are: ATH:1, AWR:3, DGE:2, HTH:1, KNW:4, MWP:1, RWP:1, STL:2, TNK:2, & WLP:3.


The Mystic specializes in melee combat without weapons. Mystic starting skills: ATH:3, AWR:2, DGE:3, HTH:4, KNW:1, MWP:1, RWP:1, STL:2, TNK:1, & WLP:2.


Savages are warriors driven by animalistic natures. A Savage's starting core skills are: ATH:4, AWR:3, DGE:2, HTH:2, KNW:1, MWP:2, RWP:1, STL:1, TNK:1, & WLP:3.


The Shadow is a master of moving undetected. The Shadow's starting skills are: ATH:1, AWR:3, DGE:3, HTH:1, KNW:1, MWP:2, RWP:2, STL:4, TNK:2, & WLP:1.


Warriors are experts in melee combat. The Warrior's starting core skill ranks are: ATH:3, AWR:1, DGE:2, HTH:3, KNW:1, MWP:4, RWP:2, STL:1, TNK:1, & WLP:2.

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