Monday, May 06, 2024

Board Game Top 100 (2024) Part 14 (70-69)

#70 Can't Stop

Can't Stop is a classic push your luck dice game. This one never fails to entertain. Players roll 4 dice and then divide these into 2 pairs. You have 3 ghost pawns. Once you choose a pair of numbers, then you place a ghost pawn onto the track on the board that matches that number. 

Once all three ghost pawns have been placed, then you must manage to create a pair that matches one of the three tracks that a ghost pawn is currently on, or you will bust immediately ending your turn. If you don't bust and instead end your turn voluntarily, you swap the ghost pawns on the track with pawns of your player color, saving your progress. On your next turn, when you place a ghost pawn on a track where a pawn of your color already resides, you get to place your pawn on the next space higher up on the track, starting from there. 

Players are racing up the tracks. Tracks vary in length based on the probability of rolling particular numbers. The two and twelve tracks are the shortest, and the seven track is the longest. The first player to reach the top of three tracks wins the game. Can't Stop is great fun! 

Do you keep going and hope to make the numbers you want? Common numbers like the seven are easy to roll, right? Or do you try for the extreme numbers knowing that you only need to succeed at these a few times to reach the top? Can't Stop is my 70th favorite game of all time.

#69 Dice Forge

In Dice Forge players roll dice and gain resources to place workers around a central board to buy tiles. But these tiles aren't ordinary tiles. "Oh, no." These tiles are dice faces that are affixed to custom dice that you create yourself. That's right, in Dice Forge players are actually making (forging) dice. 

Some of the dice faces give you gems or gold to buy more tiles. There are dark gems and light gems that you can use to buy cards to gain special benefits or gold that you can use to buy new tiles for your dice. Some tiles give you victory points which you need to win the game, but you can't focus solely on these because you need the resources to improve your dice or you will fall behind and lose the game. 

Dice Forge is a really clever game with big chonky dice that you modify yourself … and the dice really work. Julie and I love dice games, and speaking for myself, Dice Forge is my 69th favorite game of all time.

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