Tuesday, May 28, 2024

Board Game Top 100 (2024) Part 30 (38-37)

#38 Beer And Bread

Beer and Bread is a two player only card drafting, resource management game. Players plant crops and grow them to produce beer and bread. Cards are drafted to gain powers and benefits to make this job easier. B&B is an engine building game and creating the best engine is key to success. Julie and I love these types of games and it always helps when the theme works with the game's mechanisms, which it does here. Beer And Bread is a winner.

#37 Trekking Through History

In Trekking Through History players are time travelers taking tours of important historical events. This is a set collection game where collecting cards in the proper chronological order is necessary for success. The game uses a cool turn order mechanism where certain events (cards collected) require a specific amount of time to complete. This moves you forward on a clock. The player furthest behind on the clock is always the next person to go in the turn order. It's possible if you take a card that requires a large investment in time, that other player might take several shorter time cards before they catch up to you. Also, all the historical event cards contain interesting information about each event alongside beautiful artwork. Trekking Through History is a rare example of a game that is incredibly fun to play, but also educational in the best possible way. I always learn something new when I play it.

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