Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Board Game Top 100 (2024) Part 25 (48-47)

Apologies for the lackluster post today. I had physical therapy for my knee and it has wiped me out. 

#48 Tenpenny Parks

In Tenpenny Parks players are building an amusement park. This is a polyomino game. It looks beautiful. You have to clear trees to make room for attractions and fit those on your player board. Attractions move you up on three different tracks, and balancing your advancement along the three tracks is key to victory. 

#47 Gizmos

This is a pure engine building game. Players pull marbles from a dispenser and use those to buy cards. Cards are added to your tableau creating an engine. Some cards trigger when you take marbles, some when you buy other cards. Some when you add cards to your engine. This is all about triggering as many different actions as possible on your turn and it's great. 

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