Friday, May 10, 2024

Board Game Top 100 (2024) Part 18 (62-61)

 Another short one. Still writing from the car. 

#62 Three Sisters

Three Sisters is a combo-rific roll and write game where players plant beans and corn and pumpkins. You also can gather tools to gain certain advantages and raise bees for honey and harvest fruit trees and berries. Combos abound here and it's all about taking every opportunity to trigger those to score the most points. 

#61 Tricky Tides

This is a trick taking game where winning the trick allows you to move your ship first which is important because you are racing around these islands to gather and deliver goods. Higher cards will win you a trick but lower cards let you move around these sea monsters to help yourself or hinder your opponent. This creates a great push and pull where sometimes you'll want to win tricks and sometimes you won't. The cards and components are beautiful. I love trick taking, and I love Tricky Tides. 

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