Wednesday, May 08, 2024

Board Game Top 100 (2024) Part 16 (66-65)

#66 Maglev Metro

Maglev Metro is a crunchy little route building pick up and deliver game. Players build routes in their color by placing these really cool transparent hexes with the colored routes printed on them. Because of the transparency, tiles can be stacked, and colored routes can run parallel or cross. This is exceptionally neat and the board quickly begins to look like one of those colored bus route maps.

Routes are meant to get you places to deliver passengers. Maglev Metro has a futuristic theme and your "buses" are monorail trains, and the bus drivers are robots. You have little silver, gold, and bronze robots that you can move on your player board to put to work. The robots drive the trains, build the rails, and make the trains run faster and better. 

As you pick up passengers you add them to your board. This unlocks more abilities and scoring opportunities. Different types of passengers unlock different areas of your board. Passengers might include commuting workers who need to go to the business district, or shoppers who want to go to the commercial areas, for example. These are represented by different colored passenger meeples. Picking up the right passengers and getting them where they need puts them on your player board, and doing this efficiently and in the most beneficial order is a big part of the game's puzzle.

Maglev Metro is a crunchy pick up and deliver game with cool pieces and cool mechanics. The puzzle of this game tickles my brain in all the right ways, and I love the theme and the aesthetics of the game. All of this and more makes Maglev Metro my 66th favorite game of all time.

#65 Hero Realms

Hero Realms is a two-player, head-to-head, card-battle game. It's a deck building game. Players start with ten cards. These cards represent coins for buying more cards, and weapons that can damage the other player. Players have 20 Life, and the first player to be depleted of all 20 of their Life loses the contest. 

Coins are used to purchase cards from a central market. These cards go into your discard pile and are soon shuffled back into your deck to give you new and better options. Cards available for purchase include powerful allies who stay on the board and do damage to your opponent every turn, unless your opponent does something to take them out. There are also more powerful attacks, special defensive characters, called guards, that your player must target before they are able to do more damage to you, and ways to boost your spending power. There are even explosive gems that give you spending power, but that you can "blow up" to damage your opponent when you don't need them anymore. 

On top of all of this, the cards that you buy from the market all belong to a specific faction and playing cards of the same faction together will give you additional benefits. So, there is incentive to build your deck with a faction based focus. All of this is wrapped inside a fairly generic fantasy theme, but that's cool. I like fairly generic fantasy themes. Hero Realms is an awesome, quick and engaging, deck building battler and it is my 65th favorite game of all time.

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