Thursday, May 23, 2024

Board Game Top 100 (2024) Part 27 (44-43)

 #44 Luxor

In Luxor players each lead an archaeological team exploring a newly discovered pyramid. Teams are in a race to catalog the most valuable treasures and gain the most prestige. You have a hand of 5 cards, but you can't organize the cards in your hand at all. When you play a card, you can only play the leftmost card in your hand or the rightmost card in your hand. When you draw a replacement card, you must always place that card right into the middle of your hand. This creates some cool puzzly hand management.

Cards are used to move you through the corridors of the pyramid toward the central chamber. Each "step" along the way is a tile. You collect the tiles that you land on for their treasures. These are seeded randomly and provide a set collection puzzle for points. Removed tiles are removed "steps" so player pawns coming from behind will actually move through the pyramid more quickly. This is thematic and another part of the strategy as you decide which pawns to rush ahead and which to hold back.

Reaching the central chamber triggers the end game, and after all players have had the same number of turns, scores are tallied. The player with the most points is the winner. If you like simple but puzzly hand management style card games, then Luxor is for you. It's certainly for me!

#43 Marvel: Remix

In Marvel Remix players have a hand of 7 cards. 6 of these cards is from the Remix deck and the 7th card is from a villain deck. Players must have a hero and a villain in their hand at the end of the game or their hand is disqualified. (Imagine that your hand is a comic book and it needs both heroes and at least one villain.) 

On their turn players draw a card into their hand and then discard a card face up on the table. That's it. The drawn card can come from the face up discards, or either of the two face down decks (Remix or Villain.) Cards all have scoring conditions based on the other cards that are in your hand, and this is what players are looking at as they play.

The goal is to build the best hand, the one that scores you the most points. When the face up discard pile reaches 10 cards, the game ends and scores are tallied.


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