Friday, May 24, 2024

Board Game Top 100 (2024) Part 28 (42-41)

#42 Blue Moon City

In Blue Moon City players play cards to gain resources to help rebuild Blue Moon City. I wrote a detailed review of Blue Moon not that long ago and you can review it here.

#41 Marvel Dice Throne

Marvel Dice Throne is a dice battling game. It plays a lot like Yahtzee with players rolling five dice, rerolling up to twice and looking to keep combinations of these dice in order to score. But in Dice Throne the dice combos trigger off different kinds of attacks and your goal is to defeat your opponent.

The dice combos correspond to powers on your unique player board. In Marvel Dice Throne these powers and their player boards are representative of heroes and villains from the Marvel Universe such as Mile Morales Spider-man, Thor, Black Widow or Loki. The characters each have unique abilities and a custom deck of cards that works in combination with the dice.

All the characters "feel" like their comic book counterparts, Thor has a hammer he can throw. Loki is the master of misdirection, you may think that you are hitting him, but you really aren't. In the place of the "Yahtzee" (five of a kind) Dice Throne has the "Ultimate." This represents a super powerful attack that your opponent is helpless to block. (So much fun!)

Marvel Dice Throne is a favorite. It's fast and easy to get to the table, and a great game when we just want to throw some dice and feel like superheroes!


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